Full-time Course in China organized by Jinan University, Guangzhou



The quick way to master Chinese language is to take a course and live in China.

College of Chinese Language and Culture of Jinan University is the first university college providing Chinese Language and Culture course for overseas student. Every year, there are over 700 international students taking Chinese course there.

It is convenient to get there from Hong Kong. Direct train (HKD 190) from Hung Hom to Guangzhou East station, the college is 10 mins walk away from Guangzhou East station. Student visa will be issued after admission. [or train from Shenzhen to Guangzhou East 80 RMB]

The tution fee is 8,850 RMB per semester (16 weeks), 20 hours per week, 320 hours in total, only ~27 RMB per hour.

Accomodation fee is (single room) 6200 RMB per semester, 2 persons room 4900 RMB, 4 persons room, 3000 RMB (~190 RM per week). [good living condition with library, canteen, internet, new dormitory and sports facilities]

The campus is huge, spacious and has many trees.

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The cheapest expense will be ~12000 RMB per semester. (living cost is very cheap in Guangzhou, one meal at restaurant is 7~10 RMB)




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