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Chinese Culture

Poem read out loud

I want to develop some classes on enjoying the Chinese literature, at the same time, strengthen oral skills and learn more word …

Traditional Chinese medicine

1. shi_liao_yu_zhong_guo_wen_hua ( press this link to download ppt) 食療與中國文化 philosophy on improving health through natural food intake 食療與中國文化. 中醫學說與傳統文化; 中醫治病之概念--治之未病; 食療之原則. 2. …

Chinese wine

1. 2. English website :

Chinese Gongfu 功夫教学

Chinese Gongfu 功夫教学

1. Description of different sect of Chinese Gongfu (In English)   2. Video showing Chinese Gongfu (In Chinese)