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Sentence Pattern

Making sentences with Scaffolding instructions 作句時為學生架設鷹架

日期 : 140225 八年級 初級程度 用”通常”做句 1. 老師先作例句 星期日,我通常上教堂。 2. 學生模仿造句 3. 老師再提議用同一句型寫不同內容 我生病了, 我通常… 媽媽不在家, 我通常 學生反應正面 : 發揮其創作思維 *~老師不斷造句刺激學生思考,鼓勵他們用中文表達自己  

Chinese Made Super Easy Book 1 & 2

this book very simple and direct to the Chinese learning. Sometimes, you want to learn in a really relaxing way, this is the right choice.