TOCFL Huayu Analyzer 華語詞彙通


Developed jointly by Mandarin Training Center of National Taiwan Normal University and Industrial Technology Research Institute, “TOCFL Huayu Analyzer ” is an online reading aid for Chinese learning.
” TOCFL Huayu Analyzer ” includes two subsystems, Word Segmentation system and Voice Assessment. Word Segmentation system can break texts entered by teachers into words, phrases, and symbols; also evaluating the difficulty level of each word according to “Chinese 8000 words” drawn up by the Steering Committee for Test Of Proficiency-Huayu to generate glossaries. The glossaries serve as references for teachers to write on appropriate teaching materials for learners of different Chinese proficiency levels.
Voice Assessment analyze sentences recited by users and evaluate their pronunciation in real-time. This system allows users to practice on their pronunciation repeatedly. Teachers can retrieve syntax from this system and embed the syntax into their own teaching platform, providing a greater number of diverse online teaching activities.

《TOCFL華語詞彙通》是由國立台灣師範大學國語教學中心與工業技術研究院共同研發之華語文線上閱讀 輔助學習工具。
《TOCFL華語詞彙通》分為「斷詞系統」及 「語音評量」兩個子系統。
「斷詞系統」能根據教師所輸入的成篇文章或句子,依照國家華語測驗推動工作委員會之<華語八千詞> 進行比對及斷詞作業,並產生詞彙表。提供教師在教材製作上的教材等級參考工具。