Online apps for learning Chinese Characters (US$14.99/mo)

Two reasons why you should use Skritter:

You can learn a new item every 54 seconds.

You will remember 95% of what you learn.

Learn Characters Faster

With Skritter, you’re always writing characters or kanji from scratch. This forces you to learn faster, which is why the average Skritter user learns a new item every 54 seconds!

Remember More of What you Learn

After three semesters,students only remember 39 %of the characters they’ve learned. Skritter uses aspaced repetition algorithmand Skritter users remember 90.2% on average.

Read Chinese or Japanese Sooner

There are so many characters in Chinese and Japanese, even reaching basic literacy is hard. It’s almost impossible if you only remember 39% of what you learn. Skritter will get you there faster.

Learn Stroke Order Organically

Skritter teaches you stroke order as you go. This means that you learn the rules as you need them and always in context. If you are having trouble, Skritter will animate the stroke order for you.

We Already Have Your Textbook

Don’t waste your time creating another stack of flashcards from your textbook: use one of the textbooks we already have on the site. We currently support181 textbooks.

Learn On The Go With Your iPhone

Every account has free access to our iOS app, which lets you learn anywhere, anytime, with your iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone. You don’t even need to be online to keep learning.

The tutorial takes about 5 minutes.