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21F.101 Chinese I (Regular) (Spring 2006) Undergraduate
21F.102 Chinese II (Regular) (Spring 2006) Undergraduate
21F.103 Chinese III (Regular) (Fall 2005) Undergraduate
21F.103 Chinese III (Regular) (Fall 2003) Undergraduate
21F.104 Chinese IV (Regular) (Spring 2006) Undergraduate
21F.104 Chinese IV (Regular) (Spring 2004) Undergraduate
21F.105 Chinese V (Regular): Chinese Cultures & Society Undergraduate
21F.106 Chinese VI (Regular): Discovering Chinese Cultures and Societies Undergraduate
21F.107 Chinese I (Streamlined) (Fall 2005) Undergraduate
21F.108 Chinese II (Streamlined) (Spring 2006) Undergraduate
21F.109 Chinese III (Streamlined) Undergraduate
21F.110 Chinese IV (Streamlined) Undergraduate
21F.114 Chinese VI (Streamlined) Undergraduate